10-Day Tour of Romanian History, Culture & Architecture

10 day private tour, available from Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov or Suceava


All year round


10 days


2000 km

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690 - 1390 Euro/ person

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Tour Description

Our 10-Day Tour of Romanian History, Culture & Architecture offers an ideal itinerary for those that want to spend a little more time seeing all that our beautiful country offers. You have the flexibility to depart from Bucharest, Cluj, Brașov or Suceava–ultimately exploring, among other locations, multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Transylvania’s Bran Castle fortress (aka Dracula’s Castle), the extraordinary history and architecture of Brașov and Sibiu, and King Carol I’s neo-Renaissance masterpiece: Peleș Castle–not to mention the breathtaking natural beauty of Maramureș and Bucovina’s rural landscapes.

This 10-day adventure offers travelers the advantage of both diversity of experience and the opportunity to more fully engage with Romania’s unique culture and history. You will be accompanied by the same highly experienced and reputable guide throughout the 10-day adventure, and all travel will take place in our top-of-the-line, Euro 6-ranked vehicles. We’ll handle all the transportation details and accommodations so you can rest comfortably and focus exclusively on enjoying your once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

Whichever Boutique Romania tour you choose, we guarantee you that you will be impressed with your guide’s unparalleled hospitality and knowledge of Romania’s extraordinary history. You will be surprised to discover just how unique Romania really is–and just how much of our rich, multi-ethnic legacy has remained intact and untarnished over all these years. His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales is a frequent visitor in Romania, Prince Charles notes, “It’s the timelessness of [Romania] which is so remarkable, almost out of some of those stories one used to read as a child.” 

We invite you to discover just how remarkable Romania truly is!


Arrival: Bucharest (Total Travel Distance: 15 km)

Bucharest - Curtea de Arges Monastery - Sibiu (Total Travel Distance: 300 km)

Sibiu - Hunedoara - Alba Iulia (Total Travel Distance: 210 km)

Alba Iulia - Turda - Maramureș (Total Travel Distance: 300 km)

Maramureș - Bucovina (Total Travel Distance: 300 km)

Bucovina (Total Travel Distance: 190 km)

Bucovina - Agapia - Bicaz Gorges - Sighișoara (Total Travel Distance: 330 km)

Sighișoara - Viscri - Brașov (Total Travel Distance: 140 km)

Brașov - Bran - Sinai - Bucharest (Total Travel Distance: 220 km)

Day 10: Departure: Bucharest (Total Travel Distance: 15 km)

Day 1

Arrival: Bucharest (Total Travel Distance: 15 km)

Your adventure will likely most begin in Romania’s capital: Bucharest (although you do have the option to customize the journey to start in Cluj, Brașov or Suceava). In Bucharest, your guide will greet you at the airport--and this same guide will remain with you throughout your tour.

Your guide will lead you on a personalized tour of the Palace of Parliament. Nicolae Ceauşescu built this enormous edifice--the single largest civilian administrative building worldwide and current home of Romania’s Senate, Chamber of Deputies, Legislative Council and Constitutional Court.

We’ll continue exploring with a walking tour of Bucharest’s Old Town. After exploring the city together, your guide can recommend several dining options where you can relax and sample our capital’s diverse culinary, rich cultural offerings and active nightlife.

Day 2

Bucharest - Curtea de Arges Monastery - Sibiu (Total Travel Distance: 300 km)

We’ll depart from Bucharest to visit Monastery Curtea de Arges. If your trip takes place during July through September, we’ll travel through Romania’s infamous Transfăgărășan Highway. This aesthetically striking mountain road crossing though the southern section of the Romanian Carpathians--dissecting the nation’s highest peaks--Moldoveanu and Negoiu--and unifying Transylvania and Wallachia.

Regardless of your route, you’ll certainly enjoy the destination: Romania hosts around 600 Orthodox Christian monasteries in total; however, Curtea de Arges is a unique treasure: Seamlessly unifying architectural influences from both Georgia and Armenia with Islamic geometric motifs. Constructed between 1515 and 1517, Curtea de Arges is also well known for the many stories surrounding its construction by Meșterul (aka Masterbuilder) Manole and commissioning by Prince Negru Voda (Radu Negru)--with more than 100 different versions of this legend circulating.

After visiting Curtea de Arges Monastery, you will travel towards the breathtaking Carpathian Mountains along the Olt Valley, which is nestled between the Căpăţânii, Lotru and Făgăraş mountains. Romans forged this ancient trade route, which was later used by merchants of the Middle Ages as they journeyed deep into Transylvania.

After a leisurely scenic drive, you will arrive in Sibiu sometime that afternoon. Settlers built this architecturally rich medieval city, which is defined by a rich cultural legacy that spans more than 900 years. Sibiu (aka Hermannstadt) served as the region’s German settlers’ capital. The Transylvanian Saxons’ trade guilds amassed great wealth here--ultimately growing Sibiu into the largest, most prosperous of the nation’s seven walled citadels.

Sibiu’s Old Town remains strikingly German in appearance, and the area is still encircled by portions of the ancient medieval wall that once protected its citizens. Three of the city’s original 39 towers remain standing today. In Sibiu, you will also see other extraordinary landmarks, which include The Great Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Brukenthal Palace, a late-Baroque architectural masterpiece housing one of Romania’s most impressive museums; the hopelessly romantic Bridge of Lies, Podul Minciunilor; Haller House, a beautiful preserved Renaissance residence with Sibiu’s trademark window structure; multiple visually striking and historically significant Churches and countless other potential destinations.

Sibiu offers so much to see and enjoy, and we will customize your tour to meet your preferences. After you have had time to get to know this beautiful city, your guide can recommend several highly rated and culturally rich dining options near your top-of-the-line accommodations in Sibiu.

Day 3

Sibiu - Hunedoara - Alba Iulia (Total Travel Distance: 210 km)

We’ll drive southwest from Sibiu to Hunedoara. Situated near the Poiana Ruscă Mountains, Hunedora is home to the region’s most striking Gothic-Renaissance architecture: Hunyad Castle, aka Corvin Castle. Dating back to the mid-15th century, Hunyad is one of the largest castles in all of Europe and ranked among the Seven Wonders of Romania. The edifice was constructed on a rock above the Zlaști River, on the ruins of a previous fortification.

Because of its dramatic military and civilian history and striking architecture, Hunyad Castle is a popular destination for visitors. John Hunyadi imprisoned Vlad the Impaler, Prince of Wallachia and dramatic inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, within the castle, and the site has hosted multiple video game, television and movie productions--including Most Haunted Live!, Ghost Adventures and The Nun.

From Hunedoara, we’ll travel northwest to visit Eastern Europe’s largest Vouban-style citadel: Alba Iulia Fortress. Named after Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban, the French military engineer that built with this star-shaped style, this structure is well known for its seven-pointe design, dramatic bastions and beautiful gates. Alba Iulia Fortress dates back to 1711 and was constructed on the ruins of a Medieval fortress--and before that, a Roman camp.

The city’s 2000-plus year history includes its pivotal role in Romania’s Great Union of 1918, when Transylvania united with the rest of Romania. It is also home to our country’s oldest cathedral--Catedrala Sfântul Mihail, aka St. Michael's Cathedral. Hungarian King Saint Istvan founded Catedrala Sfântul Mihail around 1009 AD, and it now serves as seat to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Transylvania. Alba Iulia is widely recognized as Romania’s spiritual capital.

After you have toured these historic, spiritual and architectural sites, your guide can recommend the full range of dining options within Alba Iulia. You may choose to retire early or continue exploring all this beautiful city has to offer.

Day 4

Alba Iulia - Turda - Maramureș (Total Travel Distance: 300 km)

Today’s adventure will take you northeast of Alba Iulia to the legendary and spectacular Turda Salt Mine. Located 115 meters underground, this once industrial site that dates back to the Middle Ages was converted into a subterranean recreation area in 1992. Some of the more unique attractions here include a wellness center, Ferris wheel, echo hall, bowling alley, underground lake with row-boat rentals, mini golf course, museum and indoor elevator.

From Turda, we’ll journey to the northeastern Carpathian Mountains--to Maramureș. This area is legendary for its diverse historic influences and rich natural beauty. Because of its rural, isolated location and diverse ethnic history, Maramureș serves a unique role in Romania’s history; and--as an authentic example of rural life in Europe--this is a must-see for anyone visiting Romania. You’ll visit Sârbi, a picturesque village famous for its historic engineering mills and distilleries, many of which are still operating, and intricately carved wooden gates.

Throughout Maramureș, you will certainly see peasants working the land by hand, and the natural landscape here is unmatched: an endless sea of green rolling hills, dramatic mountain peaks and haystacks. Like all of Romania, you will find Maramureș’ villagers to be exceptionally friendly and hospitable, happy to smile and wave for photographs. If you are lucky enough to visit Maramureș during one of their many religious holidays, you will also see the entire community adorned in traditional clothing.

In addition to its extraordinary textile craftsmanship, Maramureș is also famous for its woodwork and exceptional woodcarving artistry. The area is long-recognized for its unique "wooden civilization," with entire churches are erected entirely from wood--with no metal or nail reinforcement needed. Many of Maramureș' breathtaking edifices date back 400 years and contain iconography hand painted by local artists.

UNESCO World Heritage recognizes the historic significance of these cultural and architectural masterpieces, and you will visit two UNESCO-protected sites: Calinesti Church (1646) and Desesti Church (1770).

Naturalists will also enjoy the heavily forested region’s topography and wildlife. Maramureș is home to numerous protected plant and animal species; therefore, authorities established two preserves--Rodnei Mountains National Park and Maramureș Mountains Natural Park--to help protect these natural treasures.

We also encourage guests to opt for a homestay in Maramureș, which will provide the unique experience of a traditional home-cooked meal made with organic local resources cooked with affection and pride. Wherever you choose to stay, you will be impressed by the villagers’ simple charm and unparalleled hospitality.

Maramureș has changed rapidly over the past ten years and those changes continue to impact this idyllic community. We believe this region offers a snapshot of rural agricultural life and Romanian history that you cannot find outside of Maramureș. We highly recommend that all travelers make Maramureș a priority destination.

Day 5

Maramureș - Bucovina (Total Travel Distance: 300 km)

You’ll conclude your time in Maramureș with a visit to the stunning Bârsana Monastery--one of the tallest wooden churches in all of Romania. Your guide will also bring to the UNESCO-protected Church of Leud Deal (Church of the Nativity of the Virgin) and, finally, to the Bukovina Village Museum.

Your guide will also take you on a guided tour of Săpânța’s Cimitirul Vesel. Notorious for its colourful tombstones and poetic, yet plainspoken epitaphs, the “Merry Cemetery” is one of the most visited graveyards worldwide.

That afternoon, you will travel over the highest pass on the Eastern Carpathians to reach Bucovina. Located on the northern side of the mountains, Bucovina’s territory is currently divided between Romania and Ukraine. You’ll have this afternoon to relax, get acquainted with the area near your hotel and enjoy a taste of Bucovina’s legendary cuisine.

Day 6

Bucovina (Total Travel Distance: 190 km)

Recognized as an intensely spiritual region, Bucovina hosts an impressive number of historically and architecturally significant churches and monasteries. The painted edifices of Bucovina are known for their colorful Byzantine frescoes and intricate exteriors. This group of churches dates back to the 15th century yet remains well preserved and beyond compare: Eight of these locations are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and your tour will visit four of those distinctive landmarks: Voronet, Humor, Moldovita and Sucevita. In addition to beautiful churches and monasteries, Bucovina is also known for its lush landscapes, rolling hills and winding rivers. Bucovina’s charming villages and unique folk art round off the experience, and you will also visit the one-of-a-kind Vama-Bukovina Painted Egg Museum and Marginea’s Black Pottery Workshop.

Day 7

Bucovina - Agapia - Bicaz Gorges - Sighișoara (Total Travel Distance: 330 km)

En route from Bucovina back to Transylvania, you will visit the Agapia Monastery--one of the country’s most important Orthodox Christian nunneries. Built from 1641-1643, this convent is well known for its stunning interior frescoes, which Nicolae Grigorescu painted in 1858.

Once again, you will cross over the Oriental Carpathians, this traveling west to enjoy the Gorges of Bicaz. Part of the beautiful Cheile Bicazului-Hășmaș National Park, this road certainly ranks as one of Romania’s most dramatic; and the gorge’s most narrow extreme is also known as "The Neck Of Hell": Gâtul Iadului.

On a more somber note, the rather treacherous nature of this route and its proclivity to rock slides has led to a legend that the Red Lake, aka “Killer Lake,” is stained with the blood of local villagers that perished in a terrible earthquake that devastated this region in 1838. In reality, the natural dam--the largest barrier lake in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains--formed as a result of that earthquake-related collapse, and the red tint is the result of iron oxides and hydroxides deposited in the lake by nearby Red Creek.

You will spend much of this day enjoying a leisurely and scenic drive: This will likely be your longest travel day of the trip. You will arrive in the UNESCO World Heritage Site citadel town of Sighișoara that evening in plenty of time to stroll the medieval stone streets and find the perfect dining venue.

Day 8

Sighișoara - Viscri - Brașov (Total Travel Distance: 140 km)

The small Medieval city of Sighişoara sits on top of a hill, peaked by a citadel on the highest summit--fortified by a formidable 930-meter ring of walls, 14 defense towers and five artillery bastions. Transylvanian Saxons built their fortress on the Tarnava River during the 12th century after being invited by the King of Hungary to populate and defend the region and were so successful here that Sighişoara became one of Transylvania’s culturally rich and profitable cities.

Sighişoara’s Historic Center features opulent, well-preserved merchant houses, complete with charming pastel colors, Medieval German architecture and local craftsmen peddling their artistry. The Clock Tower looms as the tallest point in this magnificent city and dates back 700 years. The engineering masterpiece was built with walls more than two meters thick to safely store residents’ ammunition, historical archives and treasury. During your walking tour of Sighişoara, you’ll also climb the 180-step Covered Staircase, Scara Şcolarilor or “Scholars’ Stairs”, to reach the Gothic-style Biserica din Deal, or Church on the Hill, and Saxon Cemetery. Most visitors will want to spend a good deal of time wandering the peaceful paths in this austere, sacred setting--reading well-preserved, artistically stunning headstones.

Of course, no visit to Sighişoara would be complete without seeing the 1431 birthplace of Vlad Tepes, the 15th century Prince of Wallachia that inspired Bram Stoker’s fictional Count Dracula. The historic site has since converted its ground floor into Casa Vlad Dracu, a restaurant that offers the opportunity for a lunch break and visit to the second-floor rooms that once housed the young prince.

From Sighişoara, you will drive southwest around half an hour to reach Viscri, one of many stunning Saxon villages sprinkled throughout Transylvania. Viscri is particularly striking and known for its Lutheran Fortified Church, which the Transylvanian Saxons built between 1141 and 1162, when the Kingdom of Hungary ruled the area. Initially Roman Catholic, the church converted to Lutheran following the Reformation. This striking building and the surrounding villages are collectively recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

You will arrive in Brașov that evening and are free to independently explore the bustling activity and plentiful dining options within the city’s Council Square. Encircled by beautifully preserved 18th and 19th century homes, Piata Sfatului has served as Brașov’s town market since the mid-14th century--hosting merchants from all over the world.

Day 9

Brașov - Bran - Sinai - Bucharest (Total Travel Distance: 220 km)

Your guide will meet you at your hotel to lead a walking tour of Brașov’s many historically significant sites. Brașov is located in the heart of Romania, encircled by the Southern Carpathian Mountains. As a significant stop along historic trade routes between Western Europe and the Ottoman Empire, Brașov is widely regarded as the capital for the region’s Transylvanian Saxons, who were highly involved in crafts and trading.

Archaeologists in Brașov have unearthed evidence of advanced civilizations dating back to 9500 BCE, the Neolithic Age, and this region holds some of Romania’s earliest artifacts. After hearing more about the rich history of Council Square--which includes public humiliation of accused witches and the late 17th-century beheading of a guild leader, you’ll see the city’s famous Biserica Neagră. Named after Saint Mary, the celebrated church became known as The Black Church as a result of smoke damage sustained in The Great Fire of 1689. The original church was built in 94 years (between 1383 and 1477) and was the biggest church between Vienna and Constantinople.

Your walking tour will take you down Rope Street, the narrowest passageway in Romania--and possibly all of Europe: Strada Sforii’s width varies between just 111 and 135 centimetres and continues 80 metres. You will see both Black Tower and White Tower, two of the city’s Old City Watch Towers, as well as Brașov’s only original city gate that has remained intact since the Middle Ages. Catherine’s Gate, aka Șchei Gate, sits immediately beside Poarta Ecaterinei.

You will also visit nearby Bran Castle. Just a short drive (25 km.) from Brașov, this landmark is a favorite among visitors because of its inaccurate association with Vlad Țepeș, aka Vlad Dracula. In reality, there is no evidence that Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, was influenced by Bran Castle, and the fortress has no proven associations with Vlad the Impaler. Despite the Bran Castle’s questionable connection with the literary legend, the historic castle remains a worthwhile destination. In fact, the original fortress on this site dates back to the early 13th century; however, Mongols destroyed the first wooden castle in 1242. Louis I of Hungary granted local Saxons authority to build the stone castle at their own expense and labour in 1377. Now a museum housing Queen Marie of Romania’s furniture and art collection.

As you begin your journey south, you will also visit Sinaia, a mountain resort town located in the historical region of Muntenia. Named after Sinaia Monastery, the picturesque town is nestled between the Danube, the Carpathians (aka Transylvanian Alps), Moldavia and the Olt River. You will visit King Carol I’s stunning Peleș Castle. This landmark palace dates back to 1873 and blends Neo-Renaissance and Gothic Revival architecture, with a heavily Baroque-influenced interior loaded with luxurious linens and intricately carved woodwork.

After a full day of sightseeing, your guide will drive you the approximate 2-1/2 hour distance to return to Romania’s capital to prepare for your departure.

Day 10

Day 10: Departure: Bucharest (Total Travel Distance: 15 km)

On your final day back in Bucharest, you will have some free time to explore the city before your guide brings you to the airport.


8    persons – 690 Euro/person
6    persons – 790 Euro/person
4    persons – 990 Euro/person
2    persons – 1390 Euro/person

What’s included:

  • Accommodation for 9 nights, 3* hotels&pensions, centrally located, in double rooms with BB basis
  • Tour guide’s accommodation
  • Private english speaking tour guide
  • Airport transfers
  • Private transportation with modern vehicle (AC)
  • Fuel, road taxes and parking fees
  • Pick up and drop off from your hotel
  • 24/7 Assistance

Not included:

  • Flights tickets
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Entrance&photo fee
  • Food and beverages unless stated differently


  • Half Board basis 175 E/person
  • 4* Hotels 130 E/person
  • Single supplement 190 E/person

Tour FAQ

How do we know you are a legitimate business?

To avoid frauds and for your own safety please visit the official website of the Romanian Ministry of Tourism and choose only a licensed tour operator.

Boutique Romania, property of Explore Bucovina Travel and Tours SRL is a fully licensed tour operator (license no. 1454) and insured (inssurance no. 2996) and all our tour guides are professional licensed tour guides.

Is this a private or a group tour?

This is a private tour. However if we have specific requests from our guests we can provide a shared small group tour or a guaranteed departure.

At what time does the tour start?

We can start at a mutually agreed time.

Which are the pick-up and drop-off places?

The pick-up/drop-off can be at: your hotel or in any other point in Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov or Suceava city and even nearby area.

How long does the tour take?

The tour takes 10 days, each day approximately 8-11 hours but we can adapt to fit 100% your individual requirements.

When do I have to pay?

At least 30% of the entire amount due, within 7 (seven) days after obtaining the traveler’s written confirmation for the reservation.

The remaining 70% will be paid at least 14 days before the trip.

The acccommodation is included in the price?

Yes, you have included the accommodation for 9 nights, 3* hotels, centrally located, in double room with BB basis.

The entrance fees are included in the tour price?

No, the entrance fees are not included in the tour price. You will have to pay them on the spot.

What currency can we use?

For our tours, we accept both Euro and the local currency known as: Leu or Ron.

For all the other expenses (eg:entrance fees, lunch, souvenirs) we recommend you use the local currency.

When is the best time of the year to visit Romania?

We recommend visiting Romania all year round.

All four season bring a unique touch to Romania and Transylvania region that should not be missed.

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    What our guests say

    Thanks for making the Bucovina and Maramures part of our recent tour with our INSEAD colleagues so special.

    Now the we are back in the rainy UK, Peta and I want to record our thanks for making the Bucovina and Maramures part of our recent tour with our INSEAD colleagues so special.  It was a pleasure to get to know you and share in the passion and hope you have in your country.

    This is the review I posted on TripAdvisor, which explains better our appreciation.  As you know, I have some professional experience in the tourism industry and I genuinely believe that you have an exceptional gift for engaging your customers:

    Ovidiu has detailed knowledge of all the paintings on the churches we visited in Bucovina and the wooden churches and monasteries we visited in Maramures.  However, his special talent is to read his guests – in our case an international group of retired business school executives, and tailor his contextual description (history, art, culture…) to their interests.  He was able to give us a living insight into the seesawing history of Romania and its invaders and occupiers as well of the minorities which still manage to thrive in this country.  We gained a deep insight into the place of the Orthodox Church in Romanian society. We were able to share in his pride in his country and his hope for the future. As we returned back to our home countries, he had turned us into “Romanian Ambassadors”! Ovidiu is a truly outstanding designer of a visitor tour and an exceptional guide.  We would recommend him and his company to anyone planning an “out of the ordinary” tour.

    May we wish you and your family every blessing in the future and we hope that our paths may cross again in the future.

    David and Peta Guillebaud

    Read More

    David and Peta Guillebaud


    Trip of a Lifetime

    I just returned home from a vacation to Romania and Ukraine. I was with my 2 sisters and 2 nieces from the US. We spent several days touring Bucovina and surrounding areas in Romania with Ovidiu, our tour guide. I had been a bit reluctant to visit Romania, as I was unsure if the climate or culture of this Eastern European country would be friendly or hostile. I was in for an extraordinary surprise. Not only is Romania a very welcoming country to visit, but it has a history that will give you an appreciation for the strong spirit of the Romanian people. The diverse landscape of Romania will take your breath away. Be prepared to fall in love with this fascinating country, as demonstrated by your excellent tour guide.

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    October 2018

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    Bellingham, Washington

    Ten Special Days with Ovidiu in Romania

    Ovidiu led group of friends around Romania on a very special and enjoyable custom tour in summer 2018. Our itinerary was crafted by two of the tour members – one Romanian, one French, who had long dreamt of sharing the wonderful Romanian landscape, people and cultures with friends from Europe and the USA. Ovidiu met us off the night train from Bucarest to Sighet, then led us as guide and driver through stops in Maramures, Bucovina, and Transylvania. We stayed in private accommodations full of character in villages and castles as we wound our way to churches, monasteries and other attractions including stops in Breb, Viseu de Sus, Viscri, Suceavita, Sighisoara, Crit, Brasov and Peles. Ovidiu is a charming, patient and highly knowledgeable guide with a deep love and understanding of Romanian culture and history. Highly recommended.

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    July 2018

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    Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

    I recommend Ovidiu with the highest enthusiasm possible.

    We recently had the good fortune to have him lead my family on a personalized tour of several regions in Romania. I was travelling alone with my three children (aged 6-17). Ovidiu managed to keep all of us engaged and entertained while sharing his abundant and impeccable knowledge of history and the area. He is kind, professional, witty well-informed, accommodating and an overall extraordinary host. In addition to a wonderful tour, I sincerely feel that we have gained a friend from the experience. We miss Ovidiu and cannot wait to come back for another visit. If you are travelling in beautiful Romania, you would be very fortunate to have Ovidiu show you the sights!!!

    Review listed on facebook

    April 2017

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    Brandy Elser Chetsas

    Boston, USA

    We could spend weeks with him!

    We spent part of two days with Ovidiu Botoni, of Explore Bucovina, when we visited Transylvania. He proved to be an extremely intelligent guide who had done his research and was enthusiastic about his subjects. He welcomed our questions and showed great patience with our fascination with the Dracula story. The first day we arrived in Brasov in the afternoon, and Ovidiu was our guide for The Pelles Castle. He knew everything about the Castle, the woodwork, the history, the artwork. He even got us tickets to go to the upstairs where few tourists see. On the way to and from the Castle, he gave us valuable information about the region and the people. On the second day, he gave us a tour of Bran Castle. He knew how to time our arrival to miss most of the crowds, and he also found out that it was the first day of an added attraction: an elevator and hallway full of Dracula lore. He brushed away the Gypsies selling things we didn’t want and guided us to the souvenirs we were looking for. Later, he took us through Brasov and made the city interesting enough that we spent the next few nights exploring it. There were no mailboxes to mail postcards back to the U.S., so Ovidiu took the time to drive around and around the post office so I could run in and mail the postcards. After we were home, he sent us some additional information he had found about some of the things we discussed. My husband said, ” I could spend 2 more weeks learning about Romania from Ovid.”

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    July 2018

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    Elaine Carolyn

    Houston, Texas

    Bucovina & Maramures Excursion

    We visited the four famous painted monasteries and, moreover, we did a 2-day excursion to the wooden churches of Maramures. Mr. Sorin was an excellent guide with a broad knowledge of all the paintings – and he was a very good driver. He also selected the local dishes and gave us a real overall Service. i highly recommend him as driver/guide for the Region mentioned.

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    April 2019

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    Peter Gehringer

    Viena, Austria

    Great Entrance to The Heart of Moldavia

    I booked their tour last minute. Fairly streamlined and transparent communication. A guide, Adrian, was more just a guide but someone who you’d hang out with. He was very knowledgeable and made my otherwise very difficult to maneuver monastery exploring a breeze.
    Sights were very cold but it made the experience more interesting.

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    January 2019

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    Sung Chon

    New York, USA

    Bucovina / Maramureş

    100% recommended! We had great time with Ovidiu in bucovina and maramures. The best was his knowledge about frescos in the differents monasteries and we are very greatful because he made our wishes true. We visited everything we wanted and more in record time. Thanks a lot for the efforts!

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    October 2018

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    Rocio Lopez

    Santiago, Chile

    Florin is an exceptionally knowledgeable guide

    Our tour with Florin was great. We went to four painted monasteries and the pottery workshop. He knows a great deal about the monasteries, their history, and their art. He is a very pleasant and friendly person, and we enjoyed spending the day with him.

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    September 2018

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    Kevin O

    Toronto, Canada

    Maramureș: where you’re given time back…

    As we longed to visit Maramureș, just west to Bukovina, we contacted Mr. Ovidiu who planned a wonderful two-days tour to this region. A comfortable car, many kms run, but we were rewarded by the amazing wooden churches, monasteries, historical sites, the merry cemetery in Săpânța and two different though welcoming guesthouses on their suggestion to dine (local products and lavish meals) and spend the night. A professional, patient (very patient with us, indeed) and kind guidance going out of his way to surprise us. We’ll never forget Maramureș thanks to him. Until next time!

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    August 2018

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    Marco D'Agostino

    Roma, Italia

    A Fascinating Ride through the Unique Nature, History and Traditions of Romania’s Jewels

    Romania has treasures well hidden in the countryside – from its imposing Carpathian mountains to the superb traditions and heritage that were declared UNESCO sites – and this boutique tour take you through an informative and fun alike exploration where you will have the opportunity to meet the people in their true unspoiled environment, observe how they have preserved their customs and learn about their history. Ovidiu is an amazing guide, extremely knowledgeable and very very passionate of sharing his love for these places with his tourists! Very friendly, professional, patient and approachable – with a degree in political history and international life experience, Ovidiu was for us the ideal guide! We feel so grateful to have been with him on this fascinating journey!!!!

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    June 2019

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    Mihaela U


    Excellent tour guide

    Ovidiu was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic while showing us around Brasov. He had all the maps of how the town used to be, made it easier to visualize while he gave us a history of the town, the people, and the culture. He is a proud Romanian and it showed how much he wanted to show us his country. It was infectious because it made us wanted to absorbed all the knowledge that he possessed. Highly recommend him.

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    June 2018

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    Excellent tour operator in Bucovina

    I took a day trip to the Bucovina Monasteries with Explore Bucovina and it was excellent. Gabriel, my guide, was an extremely nice person and very knowledgeable about the history of the region. Definitely recommended!

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    June 2018

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    To see and share beautiful Romania with Ovidiu is a lifetime experience I am not going into great detail but do yourself a favor and do it with Explore Bucovina I guarantee you will have memories to last forever

    Review listed facebook

    June 2017

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    Mike Youlden


    Brasov and Gura Humorului

    On a recent trip to Romania and Ukraine with my family, we spent two wonderful days with Ovidiu as our tour guide. He was so open and funny and showed us a wide variety of attractions. From mountain tops to castles to recommending local dishes, he was smart with a broad understanding of the area. I would very highly recommend his services.

    Review listed on Tripadvisor 

    October 2018

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    Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Exactly and more than what we wanted from our visit to Romania 

    Out tour was aimed at finding the roots of my family in a very small village. Time was very limited. Our fantastic guide researched and took us straight to the village where with his help we were able to find exactly what we wanted to know. Our guide was knowledgeable about the history, a very safe driver, flexible with the timetable, booked great accommodation, and restaurants and entertaining. We felt very confident in his guidance and suggestion. Saw some great scenery and historic buildings and learned so much about România The trip was much more than we had hope for such a short trip. We highly recommend our guide and look to a future longer visit with him .

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    August 2019

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    Dina Breen


    We spent a wonderful three days with Sorin Fodor as our guide. He figured out quickly how to adjust the planned itinerary to best meet our interests and had the contacts and detailed knowledge of the area to show us much that we would never have discovered on our own. We were particularly interested in Jewish life in the area, and saw the interior of four synagogues instead of one, plus three cemeteries, and the exteriors of at least six other synagogues. We didn’t neglect the other sites or learning about other aspects of Romania — Sorin just put in long and very full days with us.

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    July 2019

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    Ruth L.

    Florida, USA

    Excellent way to discover the Bucovina Monasteries

    We had great communication with Explore Bucovina and felt confident our tour would be suitable. Our guide, Mr Florin arrived on time and he took us on a relaxed and informative tour around the major sights. It was a professional service and we had a fabulous day. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this tour operator.

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    August 2019

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    Petrus Z.

    New Plymouth

    Great way to see the Painted Monasteries

    Mr Sorin Fodor from was an excellent guide for my day trip to the Painted Monasteries with Boutique Romania. He was the driver and knew the region well. This meant, for example, that he was able to guide us to a family-run restaurant in a village for lunch. But above all, he was knowledgeable about the monasteries, both their history and the motifs represented. He knew the details, but also the bigger picture He was not only well-rehearsed, but also ready to answer follow-up questions in depth.
    I am used to travelling independently, but I could not have understood the monasteries in the same way if I had hired a car and visited the monasteries by myself. Mr Sorin’s knowledge certainly meant that I enjoyed my visit to the region much more.

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    August 2019

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    Anne G.

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Discover the wonderful Romania

    I traveled with two friends and we concluded that this trip was a wonderful experience. We had a very personalized trip trough Prahova Vally, Bucovina, Maramures and Transylvania.
    Ovidiu was an excellent guide: professional, knowledgeable ,passionate and fun to travel with.His history knowledge is impressive.The accommodation for the 9 days trip were chosen with care .
    Not only that it left us with the taste of an “ encore”, but I will highly recommend this agency and guide to all my friends that want to discover the marvellous Romania.

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    September 2019

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    Carolina F.

    Quebec. Canada

    The Best of Brasov’s Guides

    Ovidiu is the best guide we’ve met! He is very knowledgable, articulate, and personable with a sense of humour. He has historical facts and figures and wonderful legends fables and quips. I cannot day enough about his wonderful services., Tom Taylor, Boston Mass.

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    October 2019

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    Tom Taylor

    Boston, USA

    Sorin was a great tourguide!

    We had a really good day this week with Sorin at the Classic tour. It was around 0 degrees this week, so if you come in “winter” time, make sure you wear warm clothes as you will spend some time outdoors. Car was heated to warm up though :-). Sorin gave us an in-depth explanation of the monasteries, the meaning of all the stories painted on the walls and we used the time in the car to talk about the Romanian society in general. It was a fantastic way to get to know this area of Romania and we can highly recommend the tour and Sorin as a tourguide, thanks a lot!

    Review listed on Tripadvisor

    November 2019

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    Gijs V.

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Talk to our expert

    Our story goes back to 2009, with the founder of the agency: Ovidiu Boțoni, a very enthusiastic, passionate traveler that spent a lot of his young years in Western Europe. As a Romanian, Ovidiu was surprised to see that a lot of people who lived outside his country, didn’t really know many valuable things about Romania. They often associated his native country with different stereotypes such as:“the Communism / Ceaușescu”, “Dracula” or even “Gypsys”.
    All of these reasons, made Ovidiu really determined to change how everyone perceived Romania. His started his journey as a travel guide working for different agencies but soon, he felt like he could offer much more on his own, so he decided to take everything to the “next level” and start a high quality travel agency with integrity and a focus on the client’s needs.

    Today we are proud to say that we changed the perception of Romania for travelers coming from 5 different continents and over 100 countries.